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ODC Appreciation Day: Online Database Move Datafile

ODC Appreciation Day – 10th October 2017

Last year Tim aka ‘ORACLE-BASE’ launched the the first OTN (Oracle Technology Network) Appreciation Day, after the success of last year this is being repeated again this year under the new moniker of ODC.

As today is Tuesday 10th October 2017 expect some great content from fellow Oracle ACE’s and Oracle community folk coming out throughout the day as the different timezones come online.

It’s my pleasure to contribute to this year’s ODC Appreciation Day (Oracle Developer Community) and my favourite reason feature is the Oracle 12c Online database move datafile feature.

This feature is great for fixing naming or directory structure errors, re-organising your database layout, adopting new standards or migrating between storage systems. It supports Oracle ASM and filesystems with the only restriction being you need to be on Oracle 12c, so upgrade it your still on Oracle 11gR2 and embrace online database move datafile.

You can read more about it at my Blog  Online Database Move Datafile

Oracle Database

OTN Appreciation Day – Experiences

Thank you Oracle Technology Network

Today is OTN Appreciation Day, another excellent idea by Tim Hall aka OracleBase for everyone in the Oracle community to come together to thank the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) for all they do for us.

Having used Oracle technology and Applications for over 20+ years I have plenty of features which I could choose from, but top of mind comes Oracle Label Security, Oracle DirectNFS and SQL*Plus,  which is still the go-to tool and King for many DBA’s.

But I would like to show my OTN appreciation for the work the do in taking us out of our comfort zone and letting use experience and try emerging technologies. Earlier this year I started to look into using Docker for databases, OTN was the first place I looked and the articles there really help me get started.

Also, at OOW16 this year I attended a IoT (Internet of Things) workshop run by the TheAppsLab team, these guys show great energy and passion for what they do and take us on creative journeys which we may not otherwise experience.

Check TheAppsLab website to see when these guys are near you and what they are doing, now back to my OTN provided Arduino board.


Also an enormous thanks to The Oracle ACE programme for building a family of Oracle Technology professionals would continue to inspire and support my learning everyday.