Over the years I have created a number of Blog posts and supporting videos, however over time its easy to forget what’s in your back-catalog of videos.

To help you and also myself navigate to my video content I have created this page as a an easy to use index to all my YouTube videos.

IF you have never tried CloneDB, give the below a watch, in this video I demonstrate an RMAN backup to a Pure Storage FlashBlade and then create database clones using CloneDB on a dNFS sparse file system all hosted on a FlashBlade.

Oracle CloneDB on Pure Storage FlashBlade

If you have not yet migrated to using the Oracle ASM Filter Driver, you may find the below of interest. In this video I show how ASMFS can be used to release space back to your all-flash storage array.

The Oracle ASM Filter Driver in action

In this video I will show an Ansible playbook can orchestrate a Pure Storage Snapshot, replication to a second array and then a database refresh.

Oracle 18c Database Replication and Refresh with Ansible

My next (trimmed) video shows how Ansible can playbook can automate Oracle EBS R12.2 cloning. 

Oracle EBS R12.2 Cloning with Ansible

The next three videos demonstrate how Pure Storage REST API’s can be used to perform multiple CDM (Copy Data Management) functions.

Oracle Database Reset

Oracle Database Rewind

Oracle Database PITR (Point-In-Time) Recovery

Below are two videos  showing how a WebUI can be used to provide a Self-Service solution to developers and testers to run Ansible Playbooks on-demand or via a schedule.

Multiple Oracle Database refresh with Ansible AWX

One Click 12c Database Clone using Ansible and Semaphore

Pure Storage FlashArray automated WWN migration with Ansible

Also, if you enjoy the videos, or have any feedback you can follow-me using the link below.