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The Open Group is pleased to announce the piloting of our Open Badge program for the professional certification programs. We are partnering with Acclaim, a division of Pearson VUE, an exam delivery company, to provide digital versions of our credentials. As a consequence, this means over the coming months, we will be issuing badges for all of The Open Group Certification Programs.

The pilot is initially focused on the The Open Group Open Certified Architect program, as well as the knowledge based Open FAIR™ and IT4IT™ certifications. Upon successful completion of the pilot program, we will be extending the roll out to the entire Open Group Certification portfolio.

These web-enabled badges will allow everyone with an Open Group certification, to clearly, more simply, and consistently promote their Open Group credentials online.

What are Open Badges?

In an age where we are communicating more and more information…

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Installing Linux Package Groups

Installing Package Groups

I came across an Oracle Linux 7.2 server this week that was missing some required prerequisite packages for my Oracle Database install.

This was easily fixed with yum and package groups, package groups allows you to install a group of dependent packages in one go rather than individually.

A package group has a name a groupid which you can determine with the yum grouplist -v command which lists all package groups.

~]# yum -v grouplist Compatibility\*
Not loading "rhnplugin" plugin, as it is disabled
Loading "ulninfo" plugin
Loading "langpacks" plugin
Adding en_GB.UTF-8 to language list
Config time: 0.023
Yum version: 3.4.3
Setting up Package Sacks
pkgsack time: 0.006
group time: 0.042
Available Groups:
   Compatibility Libraries (compat-libraries)

You can now use the yum groupinstall command to install the package group.

~]# yum groupinstall compat-libraries

Alternatively, you can use the package group name in quotes.

~]# yum groupinstall "Compatibility Libraries"

Or if you prefer, you can use the @ which tells yum you want to use groupinstall 

~]# yum group @compat-libraries

OTN Appreciation Day – Experiences

Thank you Oracle Technology Network

Today is OTN Appreciation Day, another excellent idea by Tim Hall aka OracleBase for everyone in the Oracle community to come together to thank the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) for all they do for us.

Having used Oracle technology and Applications for over 20+ years I have plenty of features which I could choose from, but top of mind comes Oracle Label Security, Oracle DirectNFS and SQL*Plus,  which is still the go-to tool and King for many DBA’s.

But I would like to show my OTN appreciation for the work the do in taking us out of our comfort zone and letting use experience and try emerging technologies. Earlier this year I started to look into using Docker for databases, OTN was the first place I looked and the articles there really help me get started.

Also, at OOW16 this year I attended a IoT (Internet of Things) workshop run by the TheAppsLab team, these guys show great energy and passion for what they do and take us on creative journeys which we may not otherwise experience.

Check TheAppsLab website to see when these guys are near you and what they are doing, now back to my OTN provided Arduino board.


Also an enormous thanks to The Oracle ACE programme for building a family of Oracle Technology professionals would continue to inspire and support my learning everyday.